Certified Orthodontic Assistant
Program in Illinois

Looking for a rewarding and fun career? Want to work in healthcare and help create beautiful smiles? Becoming an orthodontic assistant in Illinois might be an answer for you! The Orthodontic Assistant training Program at Illinois Dental Careers gives you the opportunity to begin your career as an Orthodontic Assistant at a low cost, providing you the skills demanded by modern Orthodontists. We provide hands-on training, low tuition costs, minimum course duration and the skills to begin performing orthodontic tasks in your current dental assistant jobs or pursue work as an orthodontic assistant.

Orthodontic assistant training programs are uncommon; however, dental assistant training programs, which are similar, are abundantly available. The school of Illinois Dental Careers prepares its students for a successful future in the dental field by offering orthodontic and dental assistant training. In fact, Illinois Dental Careers is the only certified orthodontic training program in Illinois.

Illinois Dental Careers takes pride helping promote orthodontic education to the students by training individuals to enable them to help dental and orthodontic professionals with chairside procedures.  We strive to set the standard for team training and to help bring education and inspiration to the orthodontic industry.

Orthodontic Assistant Program
$2,100 Per Course
Down Payment of $980.00
8 Weekly Payments of $140.00
Complete Certificate
Additional 5% Discount if Paid in Full !
12% Discount for Military Veterans & Active Duty!

Orthodontic Assistant Program

$ 2,100 Per Course
  • Down Payment of $980.00
  • 8 Weekly Payments of $140.00
  • Complete Certificate

What is an
Orthodontic Assistant?

An orthodontic assistant is a dental assistant who works with patients who are undergoing orthodontic treatment (braces, Invisalign). Orthodontic assistants can either work in a general dental or pediatric dentist’s office that does orthodontic procedures, or an orthodontic office.

One of the first people you’ll meet at the orthodontic office will be the orthodontic assistant. They meet the patient, take X-rays of their mouth, photographs and take impressions of the patient’s teeth. In addition, the orthodontic assistant helps the doctor during the consultation.

Difference Between a Dental
and Orthodontic Assistant

Being an orthodontic assistant is very different from being a dental assistant. A dental assistant works with the dentist ,passes him instruments and assists in the procedures. An orthodontic assistant is much more independent, performing hands on orthodontic procedures under the supervision of an orthodontist. Orthodontic assistants also work in the lab, pouring and shaping molds from the impressions they take on patients. In addition, orthodontic assistants can make simple orthodontic appliances such as retainers or space maintainers.

Orthodontic assistants prepare the patient for the orthodontist, perform simple tasks such as conduct a preliminary examination , changing wires, and preparing a patient’s teeth before they have braces placed. Some assistants may then help the orthodontist to apply the braces. After the braces are installed, an orthodontic assistant usually attaches the wires and advises the patient on how to brush and floss while wearing them. In addition, the orthodontic assistant is responsible for sterilization of instruments and maintenance of orthodontic equipment and supplies. Orthodontic assistants, like dental assistants, work in well-lit, clean environments.

Why Become an
Orthodontic Assistant?

Orthodontics is one of the fastest growing fields in the healthcare industry. Therefore, becoming an orthodontic assistant could be a smart move and an excellent career choice if you are interested in a healthcare job in the dentistry field. The career opportunities in the field of orthodontics is growing at more than double the rate of all occupations in other industries. This rapid increase leads to long-term job security.

Most orthodontists stay up to date with the latest advancements in technologies and techniques through continuing education. This means more training and experience for orthodontic assistants as well. If being an orthodontic assistant is a career that interests you, take the first step to get started in a fun and rewarding health career of orthodontic assisting by enrolling for our orthodontic assistant training programs today.

Orthodontic Assistant Training
Program Outline

In our orthodontic assistant training program, we will teach you all the necessary practical skills and provide comprehensive study material to make you feel confident and competent in your new dental assistant career.

Our orthodontic assistant training programs consist of 10 modules, 2.5 hours each, followed by 20 hours of clinical internship. It takes approximately 9 weeks to complete the program. Orthodontic Assisting modules include theoretical and clinical components, covering advanced dental and oral anatomy and physiology, basic to advanced orthodontic chair side assisting, instruments and procedures, orthodontic materials and supplies, appliances, Invisalign, radiology and impressions and a lot more.

Salary and Hours of
an Orthodontic Assistant

The salary of an orthodontic assistant is competitive, and the hours are usually favorable as well. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual pay for an orthodontic assistant is estimated to be $38,660 and hourly rate is $18.59 per hour.

Orthodontic Assistant Training
Programs at an Affordable Cost

At Illinois Dental Careers, we are well aware of the fact that affording orthodontic assistant training isn’t easy, that’s why we do the best we can to make our orthodontic Assistant program tuition and fees as low as possible. Not only do we offer one of the lowest tuition fees in the industry, but we offer different payment plans to help you choose the best way to pay for your education.

Enroll Now!

If you have decided to be an orthodontic assistant contact us now to find out why Illinois Dental Careers could be the next step in your career. Just give a call at (224) 246-2694 or send us an email at [email protected]. A member of our admissions team will be glad to discuss any questions you may have, and how our orthodontic assistant training programs can help you qualify for the career you want.