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Illinois Dental Careers is committed to providing future dental professionals with the education to become highly trained, knowledgeable, and work-ready by means of hands-on classroom instruction by an expert faculty as well as clinical utilization of state-of-the-art technology, and promoting the highest level of professionalism, personal growth and real-world experience.

Yaroslav Yarmolyuk, DDS, MS

Founder and President

Dr. Y is dedicated to providing the students of Illinois Dental Careers with the most updated and comprehensive dental and orthodontic assisting theory as well as all the practical skills that will make them competent and confident in their new role of a Dental/Orthodontic Assistant.

“For me, orthodontics is more than just straightening teeth. Orthodontics is the way of helping my patients to improve their lives by giving them a beautiful, healthy, and confident smile. Orthodontic treatment changes lives by making patients’ smiles more attractive and significantly improving their confidence and self-esteem.”

Dr. Y is an award winning orthodontic specialist. He has been featured on WGN, WIFR, and ethnic stations including Polvison

In addition to awards, Dr. Y has been on a mission of philanthropy. Whether it might be giving back to the community, offering free braces for the less fortunate, and organizing charity events.

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We are a top dental assisting and orthodontic assisting school in the Chicagoland area. Illinois Dental Careers is approved by the Illinois Board of Higher Education and will prepare you for a successful future in the dental field.

Meet Our Team


Yaroslav Yarmolyuk, DDS, MS


Dr. Y is dedicated to providing the students of Illinois Dental Careers with the most updated and comprehensive dental and orthodontic assisting theory as well as all the practical skills that will make them competent and confident in their new role of a Dental/Orthodontic Assistant.

Program Administrator

Karolina Lekarczyk-Plascencia

Vice President

Karolina is a motivational leader driven to make a difference in the dental industry by ways of opening doors to engage students who exhibit interest in healthcare. She inspires and develops new students by providing them with tangible, hands-on training programs. Karolina encourages students to make a direct impact using their newly acquired knowledge and skills to make a difference in the dental community. Karolina is a graduate of DePaul University. Karolina is fluent in Polish and Spanish languages.

Colinda Kram

Director of Allied Health

Colinda comes to us with 26 years of experience in Healthcare and Academics. Her experience includes management and leadership roles in a vast array of healthcare settings such as Director of Allied Health, Medical Assisting, Pharmacy, Dental and other various Allied Health fields. Colinda is also an expert at course development and implementation of curriculum. She holds a Masters in Healthcare Management, Double Associate of Science in Medical Assistant and Nursing. She is also a licensed instructor through the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

Inna Sobchuk

IDC School Administrator

Inna joined IDC in 2021 as IDC School Administrator.  Having background and experience of teacher, she is inspired to involve in study as many students as possible. She is interested in providing quality education. Inna has over 10 years of experience in customer care. Teaching and customer care experience are a great combination in creating new courses where all these skills are very useful.  Her moto is “Stay healthy mentally and physically! Keep moving!”

Roxanne Santana

Orthodontic Instructor

Roxanne loves being in the dental field and teaching students at Illinois Dental Careers. She enjoys being a part of the dedicated and passionate team and helping teach those who are looking for a new career choice. She hopes to instill the love she has developed for dentistry in her students.


Laurie Lynn Hines

Orthodontic Assistant Program Instructor

Laurie Lynn Hines is an experienced dental assistant and lead clinical coordinator for Bull Valley Dentistry. 

After graduating from the Elgin Community College dental assisting program, Laurie went on to gain experience in many aspects of dentistry, including orthodontics. 

Even as a teenager Laurie knew she would be destined for a career in dentistry. She would straighten out paper clips bending and fitting them to her upper teeth to stimulate wearing a removable retainer. 

Laurie is dedicated and passionate about helping others through education to acquire the skills to achieve their goals in dentistry. 

Dr. Greeshma Ashok

Dr. Greeshma Ashok

Dental Assistant Program Instructor

I have been in the field of dentistry since 2007. I graduated from Dental school in 2012 and holds a Bachelor degree in Dental surgery and worked as an associate dental surgeon. I also received a certification in dental assisting with experience working in multi-specialty practices.

I find immense pleasure in sharing what I have learned and making changes to the life of many students by introducing them to the field of dentistry.

Rebecca Howard

Dental Assistant Program Instructor

Rebecca comes to us with 14 years in the Healthcare industry and a passion for passing on her experiences to those she teaches.
She has worked a variety of positions in Healthcare ranging from Medical Collector, Medical Office Assistant, Registration, Medical Equipment Billing Specialist, and currently trains Administrative staff in Orthodontics.
Rebecca loves to see the people she has trained excel and grow with the skills they have learned. The students bring her great joy through their professional development. She loves knowing the people she helps to train are helping to make patients’ experience with Healthcare a little better by being fully prepared.

Deyon Coffi

Dental Assistant Program Instructor

I’m a Certified Allied Healthcare Instructor with over 12 years of experience and outstanding qualifications in teaching adult students. I’m Deeply committed to enriching students’ lives by helping each student overcome personal barriers that impact their learning. I enjoy being an Illinois State Board of Education Instructor. My goal is the student’s success, and my philosophy is “Don’t chase the grades; chase the knowledge, and the grades will follow.”


Dental Instructor

My name is Lorena, I have been in the dental field for 7 years. What I enjoy the most is changing patients lives and perspective about dentistry. I have been fortunate to work with different dental specialties from Periodontics to Orthodontics. When I’m not at work I enjoy spending quality time with my husband and 2 children. We love the outdoors, and adventure parks!

Abulfazl Dashtee

Dental Instructor

Abulfazl Dashtee was born in Hyderabad, India. He has 2 sisters and one brother. He moved to Chicago when he was 14.

Abulfazl served in the US Army for six years. He served most of his time in two residencies: Advance Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) and Oral MaxillofacialSurgery (OMFS), where he worked in the capacity of dental specialist, assisting in all disciplines (oral surgery, Endodontics, prosthodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, and comprehensive dentistry), He was also the dental forensics team leader for Fort Bragg, Red Cross dental assistant instructor, and practice manager for the OMFS clinic.

After leaving the military Abulfazl returned to Chicago, IL where he is currently attending University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) pursuing a bachelor degree in psychology and philosophy. His long-term goal is to attain a PHD in psychology with focus on learning and development in order to make the lives of those with disabilities easier.

amy amaya

Amy Amaya

Dental Instructor

I’ve always aspired to work in the dental field. I enjoy helping people with their oral health and maintaining a beautiful smile. It is rewarding and such a pleasure to work with a team who also enjoys helping and teaching others the importance of their oral health. Some of the things that keep me going in my free time are spending time with my two daughters, exercising, watching movies and being outdoors.  


Amy Amaya

Dental Instructor

Derriece has been a Certified dental assistant for 11 1/2 years. After graduating and working in general dentistry she decided to further her education by achieving multiple certifications to help with patient care by educating them with modern-day materials and procedures. She has numerous certificates such as coronal polishing, coronal scaling, pit & Fissure sealant placement, peripheral intravenous therapy, digital scanning/ designing, and many more to name.

She’s a mother to one son but is looking to teach every student what she knows physically and also mentally. Derriece’s main goal as a Dental instructor is to guide and direct and teach every student the ways to become a great assistant.


Ricardo Delgado

Dental Instructor

The dental field was always something I’ve wanted to be part of ever since high school. Finding orthodontic experts and their sister company IHC I found the place I needed to be. I fell in love with this field of work ever since and have been working as an assistant which then I transitioned to lead assistant for my home office in Waukegan. Through my journey after countless hours as an assistant now wanting to share my knowledge, I am happy to provide support and guidance to those who want to start their journey in the dental field! 



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