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Are you seeking a career in healthcare? Medical office assistants are just one of many in high demand. Medical office administrative assistants may be responsible for all of the administrative functions of a medical office, They provide support necessary to ensure all patients receive quality care. The Medical office Administrative assistant’s role is far reaching and plays an important role in the success of the medical practice. To be successful at this high demanding job quality education is key. Medical office administrative assistants must have a solid foundation in Medical Terminology, Industry software, Insurance, accounting, medical law, office policies and procedures, Patient rights and confidentiality and much more. Our Medical office administrative assistant program a high quality accelerated course that is spanned over a 12 weeks time offered in the evening, twice a week to make it flexible yet affordable for everyone aspiring to become a medical office administrative assistant.

Medical Office Administrative Assistant
$3000 Per Course
Down Payment of $800.00
12 Weekly Payments of $183.34
Complete Certificate
Additional 5% Discount if Paid in Full!
12% Discount for Military Veterans & Active Duty!

Medical Office Administrative Assistant

$ 3000 Per Course
  • Down Payment of $998.00
  • 11 Weekly Payments of $182.00
  • Complete Certificate

Reasons to become a certified medical administrative assistant

Doctors are occupied with all aspects of treatments for their patients so for doctors to provide quality care to their patients and maintain a high standard they rely on the medical office staff to  maintain the patient’s profile and communicate with insurance companies, lab administrators, other doctors, hospitals and other related professionals so a medical office administrative assistant works as a bridge to relay information between a doctor/dentist and the patient.

A high demand for Medical office administrative assistants means job security and competitive salary. It is expected that the job market for medical administrative assistants will increase by 15% over the next few years which is much faster and higher than an average job growth rate. The training is quick and effective so you can start your career as soon as the training is completed. Medical office assistants are responsible to run the daily operations and activities of a medical and dental practice and have flexible schedules.

Medical Office
Administrative Assistant Program

Course Details

Like many other healthcare administration courses offered by Illinois Dental Careers, our medical office administrative assistant program is also a comprehensive training program which focuses on both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. We also have internships so students can put their new skills to use in a live setting.

Our training program encompasses a range of courses including business and medical communications, medical/dental terminology, Basic principles in insurance. Overview of health care operations, sales, software applications such as Electronic Health Records, HIPAA, and OSHA, scheduling and meeting planning, applicable policies and regulations, professional standards and ethics, and much more.

Once this medical office administrative assistant certificate program is completed, you become a HIPAA and OSHA certified medical administrative assistant.

What is the Salary for an
Medical Office Administrative Assistant Program?

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics’ current Occupational Outlook Handbook, a medical office administrative assistant working full time can expect to earn an annual salary of $46,100. However, the actual salary may vary based on an individual’s specialization within the field, location, years of experience, and a variety of other factors.

We provide an affordable Medical Office Administrative Assistant
Training in Illinois 

We understand that affording a dental career education and training is never easy so Illinois Dental Careers offers one of the lowest tuition prices in Illinois for Medical Office Administrative Assistant in Healthcare and makes it further affordable through different payment plans. You can choose a payment plan that suits most to your affordability and convenience. We also provide other lending facilities available to you.

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