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Orthodontic and dental assistant programs have become a popular career choice for many strong reasons, including quick entry to the workforce, job stability, and the ability to help patients struggling with dental or orthodontic issues. If you are planning to start your journey towards a successful and bright career as the best dental assistant in Harwood Heights, you are at the right place.

Why choose our Orthodontic & Dental Assistant Programs in Harwood Heights?

At Illinois Dental Careers, a team of highly qualified, professional and experienced instructors prepare each student on many essential job skills such as dental health procedures, dentistry terminology use, office operations, and more. We feel great pride to offer one of the best orthodontic and dental assistant programs in Harwood Heights which covers all the major elements of oral care and health. Our students also learn how to organize treatments for patients, assist dentists or orthodontists during treatment, execute infection control procedures, maintain patient records and handle other general administrative duties. Here at Illinois Dental Careers, every student is exposed to the set of activities that utilize the most advanced practice of dentistry and is also provided with:

  • Real clinic environment
  • Small class size
  • Short, informative program
  • Reasonable tuition fees
  • Experienced and professional instructors

Illinois Dental Careers helps establish your future as a dental or orthodontic assistant. We believe that established dental assistants have many reasons to smile. They are a crucial part of the dental and orthodontic care team. The work they do every day in an orthodontic or dental practice makes a real difference in people’s lives because high quality care is a crucial part of well-being and physical health.

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Orthodontic Assistant Training Program

This program is meant to guide and train individuals on modern skills and knowledge required by modern orthodontists. With the help of our orthodontic assistant training program you will get hands-on training and expertise to be job-ready at an orthodontic practice to work with orthodontic professionals on chairside procedures. You will also learn to describe the types of orthodontic issues, describe the types of modern treatment involved and perform procedures to assist an orthodontist.

Assistant Training Program

In our dental assistant training program, we will provide students with all the necessary skills, knowledge, and practical experience to successfully acquire a top position as a dental assistant. The IDC team is committed to be the best dental assistant school in Harwood Heights that offers one of the finest training for prospective dental assistants in Harwood Heights.

Orthodontic and
Dental Assistant Training

Our orthodontic and dental assistant programs provide you with the right pathway that is ideal to start your journey as an orthodontic or dental assistant in Harwood Heights. At Illinois Dental Careers, we aim to make our student’s careers a huge success.

Coronal Polishing
Dental Sealant Placement

Coronal Polishing Course provides dental assistants with the proper educational requirements to perform Coronal Polishing which will include the study of anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and dental emergencies followed by a written exam. Students will begin the clinical instruction upon successful completion of the written exam. All the information about the clinical portion will be given during the lecture.

Office Administrative Assistant

Our medical office administrative assistant training program will provide you with the necessary practical skills and offer comprehensive study material to feel confident and competent in your new Allied Health Career. After the medical office administrative assistant in Healthcare Course completion, you will be HIPAA and OSHA certified.

and Coding Specialist

Billing and Coding Program is a 16-week blended course and consists of 16 modules, 3hours each. Billing and Coding Program modules are offered once a week on Saturdays (please refer to the Academic Calendar posted in School Catalog for details) covering knowledge and skills needed to accurately report, transmit and track claims.



Duration of programs range from 10-16 weeks depending on program
Our programs are open enrollment every 10weeks. Typically M/W or Tue/ Th in the early evening and Saturdays during the morning hours.
We provide open job board with our offices and local dental offices
Illinois health careers offers Certification and learning materials for most programs for state boards at our locations after successful completion of the program.

We do offer parking at all of our locations

Tuition ranges from 1950- 3500

We offer payment plans and Tuition assistance program

Currently our programs require face to face due to hands on lab experience. some programs offer Hybrid learning
All programs provide certificate of completion and transcript. Renewal is only required if national boards are taken and that is typically every 2-3 years for renewal.
Transportation is student responsibility but are locations are accessible to all public transportation

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