Looking for a dental assistant school in Chicago? There are many schools offering professional degree, a certification and diploma courses that take nine months to two years to complete. The great thing is that these courses do not require you to hold any bachelor and master degree. After passing high school, you are eligible to join a dental assistant school in Chicago.

Before enrolling yourself in a dental assistant school in Chicago, it is important to have all knowledge about an assistant job roles and responsibilities. According to the best dental assistant schools in Chicago, a dental assistant carries out a variety tasks including patient care, examination and administrative and laboratory duties. Their duty also involves making patients as comfortable as possible in the dental chair, prepare them for treatment, and obtain their dental records.

A dental assistant works as right hand for a dentist. They help senior doctor keeping patients’ mouths dry and clear using suction or other devices. They also sterilize and disinfect dental instruments and equipment, prepare trays of instruments for dental procedures, and instruct patients on postoperative and oral healthcare.

Dental assistant schools in Chicago also has courses for junior dental assistants. Junior dental assistants help senior dentist to prepare materials for impressions and restorations, take dental X-rays, and process X-ray film, as directed by a dentist. Junior dental assistants also help with office duties like scheduling and confirming appointments, receive patients, keeping treatment records, sending bills, receiving payments, and ordering dental supplies and materials.

Do not confuse between dental assistant and hygienist

One of the best dental assistant schools in Chicago, Illinois Dental Careers says that prospective dental assistants should not be confused between dental hygienists and assistants job roles. Dental hygienists are licensed to perform totally different clinical tasks that a dental assistant don’t carry out. Dental hygienists’ daily duties include removing plaque, polishing a patient’s teeth during a routine checkup, screening patient’s oral problem, reviewing a patient’s oral health history and teaching appropriate brushing and flossing techniques.

If you need more information regarding dental assistant and orthodontic assistant’s job roles, feel free to contact Illinois Dental Careers that provides professional dental courses in Chicago.