dental assistant pros and cons

What are the Pros and Cons of Being a Dental Assistant?

Career as a dental assistant is one of those rewarding careers that fulfill you both professionally and personally. Health care industry is itself a rewarding industry and dentistry is the field which guarantees a job for life, so if you want to excel in the medical industry with less training years, becoming a dental assistant is a good choice. A dental assistant is an allied health professional who performs various duties, such as preparing patients for treatments, cleaning dental instruments, scheduling appointments, maintaining patient records, or exposing dental x-rays.

Pros and Cons of Dentistry

However, like every industry, there are both positives and negatives of dentistry but its benefits far outweigh the shortcomings. Let’s see what benefits dentistry has to offer you when you decide to become a dental assistant.

Easy To Do Training

Unlike a typical 4 year medical training, dental assisting is much shorter and normally takes less than a year to receive a diploma certificate at the end of the dental assistant training. So this is something which makes the decision of becoming a dental assistant easy for those who are worried about how long it takes to become a dental assistant. At many dental colleges a high school diploma with some on the job training is the only requirement to fulfill on how to become a certified dental assistant. This opportunity is best for those fancying a midlife career change as they can start a new career with a training of even less than a year.

Being a dental assistant pros and cons

Good Earning Potential

As a dental assistant, you can expect to earn a quite high amount that varies according to your location, the clinic or surgery you work as well as the hours you work. The longer you work as a dental assistant, the more you gain experience and the more likely you are to earn high income. This is one of the most appreciative dental assistant benefits.

Varying Job Duties

Dental assistant job duties are quite varying, no two days are alike. From greeting patients, taking notes of their information to lead them to the examination room, preparing them for treatment, you may also be involved in dental tools cleaning, taking dental x-rays, or fitting orthopedic supplies. As a dental assistant, you will always have a lot of different things to do so you’ll never be bored of doing repetitive jobs.

Professional Work Environment

Unlike in many other medical careers, working in a dentist clinic is much more peaceful and professional. Private dental clinics are calm and safe with the extremely high hygiene standards which entail an ideal working environment.

Career Advancement Opportunities

Being a dental assistant can be a lifelong career but it also serves as a stepping stone for people who want to further excel in the medical field and offers fantastic career advancement opportunities such as after some years of serving as a dental assistant, you could also undergo training as a hygienist to increase your annual income.

Networking with People

Dental assistant courses or training offers a great chance to meet, connect and work with lots of different people, from patients to other dental assistants and medical trainers. This gives you a chance to work with people from different ethnicities and mindsets and understand the differing human behaviors.

Cons of Being Dental Assistant

However, there are very clear benefits of enrolling in a dental assistant course and becoming a professional dental assistant but there are some weaknesses of this profession which are necessary to mention with all these benefits.

Dental assistant benefits

Since you are working near the mouths of patients, so you will have to be exposed to bad odors and intensive dental procedures but one of the major drawbacks of practicing dental assistant is that you have to deal with saliva, blood and pus on regular basis and this is probably the least pleasant aspect of being a dental assistant. But, if you can handle it; you are open to a largely enjoyable and rewarding career to look forward to.

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