Is dental assistant a good career

Why Dental Assisting is a Good Career Choice

Becoming a dental assistant is getting more fame than ever before. Everyone who wants to bring a change in career or wants to work with relatively less training can choose dental care as their career as it can be a really rewarding, pacifying, and interesting career path for the person having genuine will to work in the healthcare industry.

There are some obvious reasons for why many people want to have a dental assistant career. If you are also curious about why dentistry is a good career choice, read on the below mentioned reasons that make this profession the most preferred career choice in recent years.

Top Reasons to Choose a Dental Assistant Career:

Career in Demand

One of the most convincing reasons for choosing a career as a dental assistant is the security of the job which comes with this profession. A successful dental office cannot simply run without a dental assistant so this role will continue to be most sought after in the foreseeable future and job opportunities in this field are expected to grow exceptionally. The biggest driving factor for the increased demand in dental care is the older people now more actively seeking preventive dental care than in the past, which gives an even larger audience of patients.

Income Potential

Considering the educational requirement for becoming a dental assistant which is very minimal this is a really a highly paying career. A 12-week program is all that you need to propel yourself into this exciting career and on an average you can earn about $37000-$40000 per year.

Growth Opportunities

In a dental assistant’s life no two days are exactly the same. This career gives you a chance to learn and experience something new with each passing day. More you learn about the industry and gain experience, the deeper your feet are into the world of dentistry. People usually prefer a dental assistant career as an initial step to enter the healthcare industry and with more experience and further training , many dental assistants may go on to become dental hygienists, dental office managers, insurance claim processing and coding professionals. These fields are even more rewarding and you can earn upto $70000 annually.

Great Working Environment

choice dental care

Beyond the work and high pay, many students choose this career because of the dentist office environment which is professional, dynamic and exciting. There is a set schedule of working hours usually 9-5 with part-time opportunities available so you can easily manage your work-life balance. Moreover, working in a professional environment means you will be surrounded by a team of fellow hard-working individuals and you will get an opportunity to work not only with other dental assistants but also a chance to observe and learn from dental hygienists and dentists.

Fulfilling Career

As a dental assistant you can make a real difference in the lives of people through your communication and customer service skills. You will be putting patients first day in and day out and with that comes an incredible sense of pride. There’s nothing more satisfying and better than bringing a positive change in someone’s life.


Dental assisting career is a right fit for a person who is naturally patient, friendly and has a continuous will to learn and serve. You have to have a detail oriented, good listener dexterity and a well organized personality with interpersonal skills to enter into this exciting career. This career has much to offer to the new aspirants.

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