Dental Assistant vs Orthodontist Assistant: What’s The Difference?

Although both the professionals work in the same environment for the same patients; but perform different duties.

Assisting as Orthodontic vs General Dentist


There are numerous similarities between the two careers, as both of them serve the field of dentistry to promote healthy teeth. Both of these professions require basic education in general dentistry through an American Dental Association accredited program as well as both professionals engage in customer services and handling various medical office duties.


orthodontist vs dentist

Both the professions are named differently for the differences they bear. The major difference is the office in which they both work. Orthodontist assistant works closely with the orthodontist and helps them in straightening the teeth of the patients and making other adjustments to the bite and jaw. While the dental assistant works directly at the side of the dentist and performs a more responsible job to actually examine the patients and perform dental procedures.

Assisting as a Orthodontic Assistant

In the orthodontist office, you assist patients who need braces for various irregularities or problems in their teeth. You assist the orthodontist by sterilizing the instruments or you may also require to tighten the wires or replace the rubber bands on the braces of your patients. Additionally, you work as a front officer responding to the phone calls and making appointments. Patients generally keep the braces on for a period of 2 years and they will come office regularly so, you really need customer service skills to greet and guide the patients.

Assisting as a dental assistant

In the dental office, you manage the daily operations of the office. In addition to that when the dentist begins to work, you will hand the instruments during the examination, or sometimes you may be required to use the suction hose to keep the patient’s mouth dry or to perform other minor procedures.

orthodontist vs dentist salary

Choosing the Career

When you choose between the both, salary won’t be the deciding factor. Consider your personal preferences. If you have interest in braces and teeth straightening, orthodontic dentistry may be your choice, but if you don’t want to obtain additional education, a dental assistant career is best suited for you. The average per year salary for both professions is almost the same.

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